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History of Ginger

The modern English name ginger traces its roots from the Middle English “gingivere” but [...]

Types of Ginger

From the Sanskrit word stringa-vera meaning “with a body like a horn” ginger actually [...]

Nutritional Information of Ginger

For such an unusual looking herb with a distinct pungent aromatic flavor, ginger is [...]

Popular Ginger

Ginger Sauces

Most Asian cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian predominantly uses fresh ginger whether [...]


Gingerbread, together with the red and white striped candy cane, rich fruitcake flavored with [...]

Candied Ginger

Candying your own ginger is simpler that you think. Unlike other difficult to execute [...]

Culinary Uses of Ginger

In Beverages

Apart from food, the wonderful flavor compounds released from the root when it is [...]

In Desserts and Sweets

Though fresh ginger is used occasionally in sweet preparations, it is the preserved, powdered, [...]

As a Herb for Food

Fresh ginger is often taken for granted in countries where it is widely cultivated. [...]