Short story of The Ginger website!

Beware… if you are not a Ginger, you will probably want to become one.

  • The birth of The-Ginger!

    In the previous century a boy was born as not a Ginger. We could say that he was just an ordinary boy. But then a fate was on his side and later he became a Ginger

  • Lucky charm of every group

    Every group of friends wants and should have a Ginger member. When you are in a group of friends and you feel like something is missing, just think about it... it might be a Ginger!

  • The rise of the Ginger!

    Let's face it. At the beginning, it was not easy. I don't regret my past. But if f I knew it before, that I was a Ginger, you would probably be reading books about me now. Luckily for me, my friends reminded me of who I really was.

  • The start of something bigger

    What started as just joking around with my friends, has quickly grown into something bigger. I realized that I was on a mission. So surrounded by my friends, we created a brand that every proud Ginger should love, wear and respect!

5 Gingers we love!

One more beautiful than the other.

#1 Princ Harry

You had our attention even before you got engaged to Meghan Markle. Respect!

#2 Donna Roberta Paulsen

"I'm sorry I don't have a photographic memory but my brain is too busy being awesome."

3# Tormund Giantsbane

"Walking's good. Fighting's better. Fucking's best."

#4 Ed Sheeran

Look at him. He is the definition of a ginger. Love you Ed!

5# Ron Weasley

Maybe you weren't the best wizard. But look at you are in a top 5 list!


Are you a proud Ginger? Buy a great T-shirt to prove it. Do your friends make fun of you? Embrace your gingerness and gift them a hilarious T-shirt. Do you just like making fun of gingers? Stop thinking and buy a T-shirt now!

Shirt Collection

This unique t-shirt collection is meant for every Ginger out there, for anyone who likes good-looking stuff and high-quality products. These are not plain, ordinary shirts, but extraordinary. We’ve chosen high-quality materials with the help of the experts from this field. Our T-shirt manufacturer is the leading Slovenian supplier of quality garments and accessories, which should be enough to satisfy the desires and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding European consumers.

The Ginger

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The Fearless *SOLD OUT*

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The Gentleman

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Ginger signs

If someone fits more than one sign. You are talking about a Ginger!

Orange is your favourite colour

You have no soul

At least 5 friends call you a Ginger

You are a Ginger

Your fiancé is Meghan Markle

There are at least two orange hairs in your beard